Skin Boosters


We target the delicate areas with treatment to refresh tired eyes, rewind time on fine lines and wrinkles and reduce dark circles.

How does it work?

Beautifeye® is an incredible aesthetic treatment that has been specifically developed to rejuvenate fine and fragile skin around the eye, by maximising hydration and improving overall skin quality.

The eye area is one of the most common skin concerns amongst our patients, affecting people of all ages, but is also one of the hardest areas to treat. The unique Beautifeye treatment protocol  is a way to reveal and restore your eye contour’s natural radiance, with little to no down time.

The Procedure

Laura will start by applying the BRIGHT PEEL®, that will target uneven skin and pigmentation disorders around the eye.

Laura will inject into just the upper dermis. The biorevitalising solution contains  hyaluronic acid and 59 active ingredients (vitamins, amino-acids and antioxidants). Then a soothing B3-Recovery Cream and Eye-Recover Mask is applied.

We recommend a course of 3 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart. 


Skin Boosters

Beautifieye® and Bio Nutri Neck NCTF– £165 per area.

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